The Program Development Committee
is designed to review and suggest program ideas that are aligned to the mission of the BEA. Some of the ideas come from local needs assessments, and others come from attendance at annual conferences and seminars on school-business partnerships The Reality Store, Character Education, and Parenting Plus Seminars are such ventures. In addition, partners of the Alliance also submit and find new programs. These are given to the Program Development Committee for consideration

BEA has become a meaningful program in itself for both the school and the community. It has played a vital role in the mutual development of programs that enhance the community, as well as the school. Through various presentations, the BEA has brought about a better understanding of the district, its current facilities, and its projected needs.

Vocational/Technology Committee. As a result of business input, the BEA saw a need for technology labs in both the high school and middle school. This committee helped the district formulate the type of learning modules needed. Many visits were made, business input sought and considered, and sponsorships solicited. The results of these efforts are two of the most unique and creative technology labs in the Midwest - resulting from direct business/education cooperation.