In February of 1991, The Korte Company's founder, Ralph Korte, suggested a cooperative venture between the school and local businesses. A number of executive officers from Highland area businesses were invited to attend the first Business Education Alliance meeting on July 15, 1991.

At this meeting, the cooperative efforts between the area's businesses and schools were formed. As a result, several task force committees were established, specific goals were outlined, and the Business Education Alliance entered its inaugural season. By 1992, the BEA was in full swing under the direction of newly designated Superintendent Jim Burgett.

Currently, the Business Education Alliance is boldly forging ahead, creating strong ties between academia and the area's top businesses. Additionally, the Highland BEA is setting the pace for not only the Highland area, but communities and cities down the road, as well as across the State. The BEA continues to grow, both in terms of active membership, as well as state and local support.